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Established 1935

Updated 10/1/2014

The hunting season is here!

We are the highest-taxing state. We have: a poor business climate because overly high taxes and regulations; a very corrupt state government; and oppressive gun laws. As a matter of fact, Guns and Ammo magazine rated NY as 50th in their "best states for gun owners" article. It's an unfriendly place for most retirees, has among the highest gas prices and more people leave NY than any other. Upstaters have little voice in government due to the fact that both state houses are based strictly on population. Too often, the legislative process is dominated by New York City politicians with little knowledge of upstate issues and positions. We upstaters do in fact have taxation with little representation.

Every upstater/sportsperson needs to be registered and vote everytime if we are ever to have a chance at better representation!


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